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A friend of mine recently went through this with both in-laws. It just about killed her, sorting out the paperwork, all the govco applications, the chaos of their finances, the frequent outbursts from other relatives who wanted to complain about decisions but refused to do anything themselves.. you need some help. It can consume your life. My friend had a relative delegated to do one part of it, which was only partly successful. She got quite irritated with the relative's decisions in the small area she was in charge of (disposing of furniture and other goods), if you have help you have to let go of your preferences and let the helper just do it their way.

You should be able to reimburse yourself for any expenses incurred, including the cost of flying out there and looking at homes if there is money your grandmother has available. Keep all receipts.

As to the homes themselves, research online, look for any forums or reviews. Just adding "review" to a google search will show you a lot of stuff that doesn't normally come up. Once you've got a list of possibilities find out if they have waiting lists.

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