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Re: What is the biggest reason that you read Trek novels/stories?

I actually ended up clilcking every option. Basically, they keep me immersed in my favorite fictional universe. I've been loving Trek since the 70s and I shall never stop.

My first ST novels were copies of Mudd's Angels and Star Trek Log Ten that my mother purchased for me in (i think) 1978. I faithfully acquired and read every ST novel published by Bantam, Ballantine, and Pocket all throughout the 1980s, but due to RL stresses I sort of "dropped out" of the market around the time that the first DS9 novels were published. Although I did purchase a few ST novels afterwards, most notably the "Q Continuum" trilogy, the Genesis Force novels, the Eugenics Wars novels, and the Crucible novel that featured McCoy, I didn't really gain the ability to seriously follow Treklit until around the time Before Dishonor was published. Since that time, I've happily dived into the process of catching up on everything I missed, plus I've been re-reading the older stuff (I think I've got about 350 unread novels to go - should keep me busy for a while lol). I sometimes wonder how people were able to keep up with everything that was being published between around 1995 through 2002 or so, when there were around 25 to 30 novels published every year.
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