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Re: I'm giving Enterprise another chance

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For every hard decision made (torturing the guy in "Anomaly") three more go by the wayside. You have a devestating biogenic weapon in the Extinction Virus, but give that no lip service? You have a prisoner with information that you CANNOT let escape ("Rajiin") and you don't for a second consider killing her?
Dude this is Trek! TREK!! Not NuBSG. We can all list the 3 or 4 actual "hard" decisions made in 700 plus episodes. This was never going to happen.
Well at least give it some lip service. If you're going to do a post/911 analogy-thing then go all the way. Have Stephen Culp be the "Garek" (I mean in terms of being the guy who says we can't play by the rules when the entire population of Earth is in jeoperdy)

Heh. I like your analogy though. I also would have accepted "This isn't '24'!!"
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