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Re: Over-dependency on friends and relatives

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That depends Deranged.. if telling your conclusions will be seen as more stuff about you that is needy of a response from her. The problem with people telling this kind of thing is that the person who hears it can't just say, "cool bro, whatever". They will feel they need to give a response of equal depth which if they already feel a bit pressured in the relationship in some way will be just one more thing of the same ilk. I would say unless your relationship has been full of these kind of conversations in a way that is positive you should just send her a peppy note telling her you had a great time and talking about something non-emotional, like some food you had together or somewhere you went. And carry on from there.
I definitely see the wisdom in what you're saying; but I'm sure you know what I'm like by now. These things gnaw at me, and I'm never sure if I should just carry on (and move on) or if I need to make up for it/address it in some way. And I do indeed worry about making things worse, or turning what wouldn't have bothered anyone into an annoyance by dwelling on it.
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