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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

Rambo? She's starting her speeches about peaceful integration of the sexes as equals when Joey Mengele decides that he wants to scoop out all the eggs from her ovaries and create a real master race of Supermen.

Have you seem the German movie Anatomy about antithypocratic Doctors who believe in experimentation on a few is beneficial to the greater good. In the opening credits you have this lady waking up half way through surgery where she reaches out with her hand to stop the Doctors only to "notice" that 3/4's of the skin and muscle that made up her palm and fingers has been removed.

Although maybe artificial insemination was beyond the Nazis?

But tying first Diana and then all the Amazons to a wall until they are pregnant from the line of approved SS Officers going around the block isn't.

In the 70s TV show, the Nazis invaded Paradise Island to get the Femozonium Mine so they could build super bullet proof tanks out of the stuff Diana's bracelets are made from.

Hitler liked science, but he loved religion.

Wonder Woman has met Zeus which is proof that Jesus is bullshit.

He'd destroy that Island completely to save Christianity from being smudged by controverting facts.
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