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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

I am somewhat familiar with your work, and have to say that your attention to detail is excellent, and your modeling skills have grown into something to be reckoned with, when compared to your earlier works.

However, I've had difficulty integrating the events of your own personal Canon into my own. The idea that the race (who according to you are known as the Machina) that built the Planet Killers are still alive, and apparently bloodthirsty does contradict the accounts explained in some novels, which to my knowledge were built to destroy the Borg by the Preservers, as most likely a last resort. In fact, in the novel Before Dishonor, the same Planet Killer that was disabled by the Enterprise was later used against the Borg.
I will grant that the novels might not be considered canon, and a race that built the Doomsday Machines would make an interesting, formidable adversary.

However, I haven't found any mention of the one canon vessel that carries the name Renegade (NCC-63102; New Orleans class), and in fact your timeline has yet to make any mention of this vessel, which surprises me, because being a canon vessel, I would have thought that the New Orleans class Renegade would play a major role in your timeline, but I'm disappointed to not find any mentions of her. In fact, by using lettered registries, this only seems to preclude her existence.
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