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To be fair, making Darth Vader a woman rips the entirety of Star Wars Saga to shreds, it would change absolutely everything. you could make Luke a female or The Emperor or Yoda or even Han Solo, but, with making Darth Vader a woman it wouldn't really be possible to tell the same story
"No, Luke: *I* am your mother!"

Problem solved.

There's nothing fundamental about Vader / Anakin Skywalker being male that's paramount to the story. The important part was he/she gave birth to Luke and Leia, and passed on the Jedi powers (and savior stuff).

He was basically androgynous in eps IV-VI. And the fact that he was male in the first three? Ehn. Starbuck and Boomer were recast as women. It was just a reboot.
The Emperor was able to manipulate Anakin with the death of his wife due to Child birth, and then the children were sent off to opposite ends of the Galaxy to hide them and keep them safe.

As stated Vader means Father
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