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^How did you go about looking for her home? I don't know where to begin! I wonder, though, how different things are here.

Mostly I want to know about how to find a good place for her.
Well, it was mostly my mom who did it to be honest. She was the real driving force behind it. None of her siblings really did much to be honest.

anyway, in my grandmothers case she first went to a home close to where she and my grandfather lived, so that he could come visit. Ultimately that didn't happen much since my grandfather sort of...gave up when grandma got sick. And as her disease progressed the staff at that home become more and more incapable of handling her (this was also a pretty big home).

We didn't know what she had at this point, but trough talking with the doctor they theorized that it might be Huntington's and did a blood test to confirm. As soon as that was clear it really became more a question of finding a home where they specialized in that kind of care. We got really lucky with the home where she ended up. They'd just started their operation a little before we started searching, and their specialty is elderly with neurological diseases. It just fit and it's fantastic for grandma.

Afterwards we've realized that grandpa probably decided to die after he'd been there for her birthday and seen that she was okay. He saw that she was taken care off.

So the only real recommendation I can give is to try and find one that you think can work for your grandmother. and try to talk to some of the people that work there. The people "on the floor" make all the difference.
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