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Re: I'm giving Enterprise another chance

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I'm about seven episodes into season 3 of ENT and to be honest, I find this Xindi story to be pretty bland. Perhaps, it's just because the last few episodes have been really bad.
I'm intrigued by:

The relatibility relative to other Treks. These guys are alone with limited resources and if they fail, Earth dies. In "Anomaly", the jeopardy feels real because they can't afford to lose that stuff.

The hard Sci-Fi of bartering spices for advanced tech.

Paying attention to details: "Hey a weapon! Hey a prisoner!" ("Rajiin") And then we see both. Same episode: "GD don't you guys have grenades??!...oh you do. Cool."

I'm less than enthused by:

For every hard decision made (torturing the guy in "Anomaly") three more go by the wayside. You have a devestating biogenic weapon in the Extinction Virus, but give that no lip service? You have a prisoner with information that you CANNOT let escape ("Rajiin") and you don't for a second consider killing her?

And of course there's the forced contrivance of sending a whopping three people to guard an airlock that you HAVE TO HOLD. ("Rajiin") Yeah that goes about as well as it did in Star Wars.

It's just frustrating because little things like that can easily be fixed with this that or the other. But overall (4 eps into season 3) I'm impressed by the investment they've created in me.
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