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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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I don't find those farm people stupid.

And if we're going to nitpick, they weren't supposed to be "real" farm people but holographic farm people.
Actually, I said the stereotypes were stupid. And they were. Corny accents, banjos, a slutty version of Ellie Mae Clampett and, well, corn... Yee haw! Let's have a hoe-down!

Once again, it's a perfect example of using stereotypes that make it patently obvious that TPTB have never set foot on a farm.

And since Janeway supposedly grew up in farm country (even to the point where she could tell the difference between manures by smell), that's a stereotypical (and unrealistic) image they took from her brain to create the illusion.

ETA: You really don't think that the stereotype of a slutty farm girl is offensive? Stupid?
But they didn't take it from Janeway's brain! They took it from Paris's brain and it was straight out of his Beverly Hillbillies late night popcorn viewing.

Now that makes sense. In a Voyager sort of way.
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