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Re: Western genre feature film resurgence 2010-2015

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You've never successfully backed up anything you've argued against me. Also you have misrepresented what I've said, except for my assertion that Wild Bill Hickock is not portrayed as a Union veteran. But if you think coming up with movie that does treat his service compares to its absence in so many movies were Hickock has a part is more than a quibble? Your humiliation at being refuted has led you into error.
That's moving the goal post, because the statement I was responding to was not about proportion, but that Hickock being a Union veteran was "never" part of a film about him. I thought someone well versed in the history of Westerns might be passing familiar with The Plainsman, which was so formative for the Hickock/Calamity Jane myth, and remember Gary Cooper waiting for a riverboat in his soldier blue.

As for the rest of it, it's still there for all to see. Generalized and non-specific. Notably, the "classic western" on which so much of the argument depends, is never defined:

But instead of telling everyone how inaccurate and inept I am, go ahead and show them. Expand on your comments about Henry Fonda in She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (a film in which he does not appear). Or the racism in Vera Cruz. Or Duel in the Sun. Quote a line, cite a scene.

But the racial subtext in the traditional Western, the issue that really has you so angry you can't think straight, is not the topic in this thread. You only came in to pursue a cheap revenge at being whipped on that topic.
No, I came in to agree with Harvey, that arguing with you is pointless. Which is obviously correct unless someone enjoys being personally badgered. And I think it's obvious from the language displayed here who is angry.

I don't disagree with all the racial subtext claims, just the simplistic and over-broad assertion that that was the factor that ended Westerns' mainstream popularity. And some claims about specific movies which are wrong.

But, put aside your wounded vanity, take a genuine revenge by high-mindedly answering the question that somehow provoked such mindless but mean-spirited posts: In what useful sense are Justified, and Hatfields & McCoys, and Django Unchained Westerns? Aside from being hicks flicks, that is?
Your assumption of the position I would take is wrong.

(By the way, the topic of race in traditional Westerns is not necessarily resolved in my favor, as a more discerning poster might be able to make valid arguments, unlike you.)
You were saying something about "mean-spirited"?
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