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Re: Earth based Trek show

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Newsflash: Everyone knows Star Trek. Not everyone knows the latest explosion movies.
That's true. Star Trek didn't become popular because of that movie but that movie became popular because of Star Trek.

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The Earth-based Star Trek I want to see is a Starfleet Academy TV series. Trek meets Smallville. It could be a lot of fun - life on future-Earth, training missions in starships and to other worlds, cool alien exchange students and lots of teen/twentysomething angst.
Star Trek 90210? No thanks.
Honestly, in today's TV environment, I suspect this idea on CW or a Pay cable premium channel softcore porn-fest like True Blood or Game Of Thrones(?) is about all the hope we have for Live Action Star Trek on TV. Othrwise, our only hope for Trek on TV is Animated. I just don't know if there's enough ratings/viewers available for any other Live Action Trek to survive, beause of the expense to produce it. Sure, there's probably enough people that would watch it, but, not enough would watch it live, there'd be lots of time-shifting (The more "nerdy" you make the program, the more likely your audience is going to be techinally savvy and Time-shift)
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