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The "alternate/Prime universe" stuff is a fig leaf - they weren't really faithful to it in the first movie, and you can be sure that more and more will diverge with each successive movie.

It's just a reboot, folks.
It's a post-2233 reboot. If it was a clean reboot, there was no need or purpose to include Leonard Nimoy, or the entire time-travel aspect. It wasn't simply a nostalgia bone thrown out to the die hard fans
Yes, it pretty much was.

I'm sure that we could find a more diplomatic term than "nostalgia bone," but it would mean the same thing.

It's remarkable that Trek fans can go on and on about the importance of good characters to worthwhile stories and then declare Chang - a simpleminded moustache-twirler - to have been a "great character." God knows Plummer tried, but having a rotten-to-the-core character who never does a decent thing declaim about patriotism and destiny while reciting random Shakespeare from the original Bartlett's Familiar Quotations does not a "nuanced" character make.
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