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It's a post-2233 reboot.
You keep saying this as if this date means anything to anyone. It doesn't, well except to you and maybe five Enterprise fans.
It was the date specified in the movie for when the timelines diverged. Don't be obnoxious.

And I hated Enterprise; found it to be senseless fan-wank that tried TOO HARD to explain things that didn't need explaining. In fact, I didn't watched any Trek series beyond TNG because they became stale. I find Abrams' approach refreshing because it opens new ground for new stories, BUT moreover because of the fact that it claims to respect the previously-established universe. I'm not a "purist" who wants to see cardboard sets or crap like that. I just want to see a follow through with what was established in the last film.

How would fans react to a Star Wars Ep VII that retroactively makes Darth Vader a woman, or ignores all events from Empire Strikes Back?
Why do these threads always culminate in someone trying to make orange juice out of apples?

Don't really need to dignify this response other than to say the thought of Khan = Darth Vader is .
I'm simply responding to the people who suggest "ignoring" Trek canon should be seen on the same level as the different versions of Batman or Superman or Bond.

But from your reaction, when the suggestion of changing established lore in another "space saga" is made, apparently you DO have a pretty definite opinion.
To be fair, making Darth Vader a woman rips the entirety of Star Wars Saga to shreds, it would change absolutely everything. you could make Luke a female or The Emperor or Yoda or even Han Solo, but, with making Darth Vader a woman it wouldn't really be possible to tell the same story
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