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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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How many centuries from now is Star Ship Polaris set in, BTW?
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A number of centuries.
Yes, I know it is a number of centuries, but how many centuries? 200 years, 300 years, or 4 or 5 centuries? Or has it not been decided yet which century Polaris will take place in?

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Depending on how distant in the future we're talking about here, shields might not be as unrealistic as you might think.

Since we're talking about FTL spaceships it's not even a matter of what's "realistic," but what's interesting. The more magic you give people, the less peril they face, the less work they have to do, the more boring I find it.

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I think that, as much as anything else, not having shields in this universe is a way to avoid endlessly tedious recitations of shield strength as dwindling percentages in lieu of, I dunno, actual drama.
Pretty much, yeah. It's been a long time since "Captain, the shields are down" has been anything but rote. Roger Ebert, bless the man, had my favorite comment about this in his review of Star Trek: Nemesis:

I've also had it with the force shield that protects the Enterprise. The power on this thing is always going down. In movie after movie after movie I have to sit through sequences during which the captain is tersely informed that the front shield is down to 60 percent, or the back shield is down to 10 percent, or the side shield is leaking energy, and the captain tersely orders that power be shifted from the back to the sides or all put in the front, or whatever, and I'm thinking, life is too short to sit through 10 movies in which the power is shifted around on these shields.
I have to concede you do have a point there.
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