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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

I quite don't get it why the need for such bad green screen effects?

I mean how much can this really cost? An episode of Castle costs around 1.5 million dollars but this was a two parter sweeps episodes so add in some bucks to bring it to about 2 million (most shows cut back on expensive stuff for later episodes to get the budget back in line after the more elaborate sweeps episodes).

They couldn't spare 50.000 to 100.000$ to fly Nathan and Molly to Paris for a few days, alongside a small film crew (i'm no expert in filming but it can't be more than 4-5 people for the crew) and hire the equipment locally to cut down on transportation costs? Surely there are companies who provide services for local filming and take over the logistics (permits, equipment, extras etc) so you just have to fly the actors there to film some scenes.

I know that the rambling of some people about bad special effects on message boards mean little to production companies but still.. show some effort.

Anyway.. surprisingly good episode considering that the second part almost always feels worse than the initial, brilliant episode. They even managed to squeeze in some humor in an otherwise tense episode and the end was just heartwarming to see.. i hope they pick up on it from time to time and don't let it fall besides the road.

This should be huge for Castle and his mother.. a bit cliché to have his dad be an elderly version of James Bond (though i loved the Casino Royale connection) instead of a normal office schlub but this is a TV version and normal isn't sexy or interesting.
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