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Re: Unexpected fan favorites who take over the show?

Mr. Bennet /Horned Rim Glasses Man from season 1 Heroes

The episode "Company Man" turned him from villain to absolute hero and fan favorite in just 42 minutes.. testament to the brilliance that was season 1 Heroes

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory

Though he was always one of the leads of the show (as much as anyone can be a lead in the beginnings of an ensemble show) he truly broke out and became a fan favorite simply because of the brilliant acting by Jim Parsons (who deserved all his awards)

Bud Roberts from JAG

Initially a bumbling, insecure noob alongside the outrageously heroic main leads he became a fan favorite over time with some brilliant, if hard to watch sometimes storylines. His background and skillset was devoid of any heroism or cool action but he has developed so much that it the end he got a dream family, true respect from all the heroes on the show and a very good career
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