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It's a post-2233 reboot.
You keep saying this as if this date means anything to anyone. It doesn't, well except to you and maybe five Enterprise fans.

I think the writers are big enough Trek fans to respect the basic premise of canon and continuity.
The writers know canon is a myth and continuity is a convenience used in world-building. But like a t-Square, it's often best left in the desk.

Star Trek universe for almost 50 years.
No, it's dogmatic doctrine perpetuated by fandom.

How would fans react to a Star Wars Ep VII that retroactively makes Darth Vader a woman, or ignores all events from Empire Strikes Back?
Why do these threads always culminate in someone trying to make orange juice out of apples?

Don't really need to dignify this response other than to say the thought of Khan = Darth Vader is .
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