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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

You nailed it (as usual). I have such a love/hate relationship with the finale.

I will say that I never noticed the stock footage, I only know it was used because of places like this. Maybe it's because I watched it first run, so there was a long time between seeing Sacrifice of Angels (which is where I think the footage is from?) and What You Leave Behind.

I think the absence of Jadzia was glaring. Ok, so they couldn't come to an agreement about using her image and voice, but not even a mention of her name? They could have at least shown Worf in his wedding attire during his montage. We're supposed to believe that Ezri is the thing from DS9 that had the biggest impact on his life there?

I remember way back when the Internet was new and we were waiting for the finale to air, there was lots of debate about who would get to kill Dukat in the end. Many people (myself included) thought it should be Kira. So I remember being disappointed in how it happened for that reason.

Love that Odo returns home. Very poetic.

I also liked that Worf got to go "home" and was disappointed in the post-Nemesis books that had him return to the Enterprise to be Picard's first officer. That seems like a big step down from Ambassador, which is a role that's perfect for Worf (and quite frankly ironic seeing that both K'Ehleyr and Dax held it before him)

The whole Emissary thing was probably my least favorite arc of DS9, which is probably why I didn't get into the show at the beginning. I thought the Sarah Sisko Prophet thing was extra stupid, and I definitely did not like Ben becoming a Prophet and leaving his pregnant wife behind. I would have liked it better if he'd just decided to go move to his house and Bajor and leave Starfleet life behind them to have him disappear into the sky like Jesus. In my mind I pretend that's what nappened, LOL.
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