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Re: What Are You Working On (And How Are You Getting There)?

a little update on Professor Tibatong, the hamster:
He didn't get a surgery after all today. The vet is ill and his assistant doesn't dare to perform a surgery on such a tiny animal. Fortunately, there's an animal clinic near the town where my parents live. It was closed today but I'll try to call them tomorrow and if I get an appointment I'll rent a car and bring the hamster there. Fortuately, he loves travelling by car.
Atm our little hero is sleeping - he had a big battle with the assistant and took a hearty bite out of him. LOL serves him right: the hamster warned him 6 times before he bit.

So, back to square one. But we'll get to the goal in the end. Fortunately, this tumor or whatever it is appears to be of the slowly growing sort and as far as one can tell is not painful. That gives us time to do something against it. Surgery in such tiny animals is always a bit risky - you can so easily overdose the narcosis and elderly animals are often type 2 diabetics which has a negative effect on wound healing.

Well, one step after the other: Tomorrow I'll call the animal clinic and try to get an appointment. Then I'll rent a car for that day, take a day off (LOL my boss will freak out) and then we'll see what the other vet says. At an rate getting a second opinion is always good. (Plus on teh way back we can drop in at my parents and raid their walnut supply - Tibatong loves walnuts =) )
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