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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

I didn't know that she was a Heavy Tactical Cruiser. I'll be sure to note that. I remember it being mentioned that she wasn't a Starfleet vessel, which is something that I think many might find radical as an idea, since the conventional notion is that the only Federation vessels with specifications approaching that of the military would be Section 31 vessels, and maybe mercenary vessels, and we all know Starfleet doesn't officially sanction the former, and the latter would most likely have equipment that might be considered illegal for civilian vessels. I suppose there might also be planetary defense vessels belonging to new member planets whose fleets have not yet been integrated into Starfleet, or replaced with Starfleet vessels. I myself find it hard to believe that the Federation would officially sanction military-grade vessels in the hands of an organization that is not a branch of Starfleet (especially what is obviously a state of the art starship), unless I am to believe that Starfleet doesn't encompass the entire Federation's permanent military organizations.

For me, the Avalon II class is still a great deal of a mystery. There are many gaps in information, such as:
I assume that there was an original Avalon class (I); how is she different from the Avalon II?
I assume that there must be a U.S.S. Avalon, which was the prototype for this class; what is her registry number?
When was the Avalon laid down, launched, and commissioned?
When was the Avalon drydocked for upgrades to Mk II specs, relaunched, and recommissioned?
How many other Avalon class vessels are there, and what are some of their names and registry numbers?
Was the Avalon designed as a Starfleet vessel, and if so, how many are registered to Starfleet, and how many more were registered to the Interstellar Task Force?

I'm also assuming that this isn't the first Non-Fleet Commission vessel to go by the name of Grandeur, otherwise there wouldn't be an A in her registry.
What happened to the original Grandeur, and what class was she?
And since this Grandeur is not a Starfleet vessel, is it probably safe to say that there might be a Starfleet vessel that carries the same name?

I'm not necessarily expecting Vector to know the answers to these questions, but I'm hoping that whoever was responsible coming up with the information pertaining to the Grandeur will have mentioned some of these things, or maybe even listed them somewhere that I'm not aware of.
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