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Re: Enterprise: Exec wanted "Top Bands" on the show

I think the network exec failed to understand that the idea behind ENT was that the ship was far beyond where any other human vessel had ever gone or was as yet capable of going. When they finally did return to Earth in "The Expanse," it took them weeks to get there.

But I suppose if the exec had been adamant about the band tie-ins, they could've done something akin to Movie Night, where the crew would gather to watch a subspace transmission of a band performing back on Earth. And they could've claimed that the popular music styles of the United States in the early 2000s had experienced a comeback. (Not out of the question; the source music used at times in TOS sounded a lot like mid-20th-century lounge music and light jazz, and the "space hippie" songs had a very 1960s folk-rock sound.)
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