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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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I don't find those farm people stupid.

And if we're going to nitpick, they weren't supposed to be "real" farm people but holographic farm people.
Actually, I said the stereotypes were stupid. And they were. Corny accents, banjos, a slutty version of Ellie Mae Clampett and, well, corn... Yee haw! Let's have a hoe-down!

Once again, it's a perfect example of using stereotypes that make it patently obvious that TPTB have never set foot on a farm.

And since Janeway supposedly grew up in farm country (even to the point where she could tell the difference between manures by smell), that's a stereotypical (and unrealistic) image they took from her brain to create the illusion.

ETA: You really don't think that the stereotype of a slutty farm girl is offensive? Stupid?
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