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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Playing Mass Effect 2 (part of the ME Trilogy pack) on PS3. I got the pack to play ME1 and to rebuy ME2 and 3 (I love the ME series, but I also trade in games a lot to Gamestop). Since I have no online connection I can't sownload the patch to make PS3's ME2 able to import ME1 games, which sucks (Bioware/EA was so lazy/cheap, they couldn't have updated the actual game on the disc just a little?) but it was worth playing ME1 (even if that game is the weakest of the three gameplaywise, I HATE the Mako). Also, because of how I played 2 and 3, I never got to import 2 into three, so it will be a new experience. Either way, ME2 is still awesome, and ME3 (besides having the worst ending of not just a game but any story I've ever seen, read or played through) was really fun, so I'm enjoying my playthrough.
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