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Re: The Constellation's registry number

...And even "Class: STARSHIP II" alone would satisfy surprisingly many schools of thought. For those who think that "Starship class" would have been a unique identifier of the design that Kirk flew in TOS, this "II" would denote the refitted version of the same. For those who think that "starship" is a broad collection of designs, this could be the second such design (now refitted), or perhaps the 11th. For those who think that the broad category "starship" must be divided somehow to be of practical use, this could mean the refitted ship falling within the second category of starships, one that perhaps includes things like Constitution class, Belknap class, and Miranda class, whereas the first category has the Federations and other big guys.

The one and only school of thought that will have to go on recess would be the one following Jeffries' original idea about the 17th design... This would be more contradicted than supported by the terminology used here.

Timo Saloniemi
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