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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

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Well, that's what I'm asking. Though, if you're not suggesting nudity and swearing, why aren't you suggesting them? It would certainly be a radical shift, but so would graphic violence.
What exactly would nudity, swearing, and graphic violence add to Trek, though?

Paramount is treating Trek is a blockbuster, tentpole summer movie franchise. They are aiming for the widest possible swath of audience, not hardcore fans or any other niche. And they have determined that while they need to ramp up the action and eye candy level, they can't push Trek past PG-13 and still hit the needed market. An R-rated Trek film has been discussed before, and always dismissed as not appropriate for the audience that makes a Trek flick successful.

I'm not sure that would be different on TV. In fact, I would think it would be less conducive to that. As has been pointed out, TV is a medium that lends itself to more thoughtful, thought-provoking stories about complex characters and big ideas. Which is why I, personally, think Trek has always worked best as a TV show. To add in a bunch of nudity, language and graphic violence, just because "hey, we're not on a network and we can," seems not only unnecessary but counterproductive to the Trek brand.

Would "Chain of Command" really have been more powerful if Picard had been bloodied up and called Madred a motherf**ker? I don't think so. In fact, I think the fact that they used an appropriately "sci-fi" method of torture, and didn't depict it as traditional graphic violence, made it all the more effective, and that's part of what makes Trek special. Your mileage may vary.
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