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Re: DOS Screen Challenge

Holdfast wrote: View Post
A lowly 26.

And I only played about a dozen of them. The rest I got right either through guesswork or general familiarity with the game's appearance. Nice to see Stunts featured; I played the heck out of that game. Had an eensy-weensy crush on Cherry Chassis, too.

The game had some fantastic features too: the very flexible track maker/editor, the multiple camera angles, the race replay feature. Plus, some neat cars; the Countach rocked!
I fucking loved that game.

Did you ever exploit the physics bug where running into the barrier fence at top speed would send you flying through the air--sometimes for several minutes? I recorded so many replays back in the day of me doing that. Of course, you're dead as soon as you hit the ground, but the insane flying was too much fun not to abuse.

Here's a rather tame example of it:

It was possible to hit the wall just right and fly much longer, though.
Five stars!
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