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Re: What Are You Working On (And How Are You Getting There)?

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Not at all familiar with the Lurcher, what are they like?
Here's the Wikipedia article on Lurchers. They're not really a recognised breed, so come in various shapes and sizes, but as a rule they have a whippet/greyhound-type body. Most of the Lurchers I've known have been on the big side, and they tend to be sweet dogs.

Well, after speaking to the RSPCA it turns out we live in too much of an urban area for these pups. They've not been socialised properly, and are spooked easily by cars and too many people. It sounds as if they'd be better off in a more rural home. At least we tried.

I'm moving next week to the country. Once I get settled in at home and work, I'm really considering buying another Lab. There's a retriever club in town and while I'm looking to train my existing 3 year old (and myself) to bird hunt, it'd be nice to train one from the start.

Plus North Dakota is chilly; a second big, soft, warm dog in the bed wouldn't hurt either.
You'll need a big bed if you're going to share it with two retrievers. Good luck with the move.
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