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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Honestly, the "Earth had a whole fleet of ships" thing really is an exaggeration. In all Stargate Earth had built 7 ships.

1) Prometheus
2) Daedalus
3) Odyssey
4) Korolev
5) Apollo
6) Sun Tzu
7) George Hammond

Two of those were destroyed and another was never actually seen on screen, just mentioned. And considering these ships had duties which spanned two galaxies, Earth really doesn't have much of a starfleet at all.
We went from one ship, to a small fleet in a couple of years, and in season 9 and 10 the ships are rather large (The Prometheus was small) and just kept cranking out more and more as the story needed, and how could they build these without the public knowing?
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