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Re: The Continuity of Days Gone By

I've been reminded of a few details about Greg Bear's early ST novel Corona which might make it a candidate for inclusion with the '80s continuity, though it's very much a borderline case. For one thing, it purports to be a fair number of years after certain TOS episodes (and suggests Kirk is in his 40s), but is pre-TMP in terms of crew ranks, uniforms, etc., which would make it one of the books that assumed a second 5-year mission pre-TMP. (On the other hand, it implies that Spock is in his upper 70s, which is hard to reconcile with canon, since that would've put Amanda in her 90s at least in the TOS timeframe.) Also, it references one or two things that were mentioned elsewhere in the '80s continuity, such as the starship Bonhomme Richard. Not really a genuine cross-reference, though. So it's a really tentative link at best. And there are things about Corona that are kind of idiosyncratic interpretations of the Trek world (Spock's age being just one of them), so it might not be a very good fit with the rest of the '80s-verse. I'm undecided on the question, but I thought it was worth bringing up.

One interesting thing about the book, though, is that it seems to be the first-ever reference to the Federation News Service, an organization that was later established in canon (in Generations and DS9). Probably a coincidence, though.
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