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The "alternate/Prime universe" stuff is a fig leaf - they weren't really faithful to it in the first movie, and you can be sure that more and more will diverge with each successive movie.

It's just a reboot, folks.
It's a post-2233 reboot. If it was a clean reboot, there was no need or purpose to include Leonard Nimoy, or the entire time-travel aspect. It wasn't simply a nostalgia bone thrown out to the die hard fans -- there were enough of those peppering the film.

I think the writers are big enough Trek fans to respect the basic premise of canon and continuity. Sure, there will inevitably be errors or ret-cons. But I would be surprised if they went out of their way to radically change what's been established. Unlike Batman, Superman, or Bond films, that's been the established principle of the Star Trek universe for almost 50 years. How would fans react to a Star Wars Ep VII that retroactively makes Darth Vader a woman, or ignores all events from Empire Strikes Back?
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