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In fact, wasn't Koloth originally intended to be a recurring character although that never went through?
John Colicos as Kor was slated to be the recurring Klingon adversary for Kirk, but he notified that he was unavailable for "The Trouble With Tribbles". Then, he was supposed to play Kor in "Day of the Dove", but was again unavailable.
STVI was meant to be a nostalgia-filled end to TOS. It had all the classic plot devices: Kirk vs Klingons, Kirk fighting his "evil twin," McCoy doing the doctor thing on an alien, unmasking the assassin to see "who this really is!" (OK, that was Scooby Doo), etc... In terms of Chang, I felt he was a generalize homage to TOS Klingons: none of this "honor" garbage, just a conniving, cold villain. To top it off, he had the fu manchu mustache and a "smooth" forehead (at least as far as bumpy foreheads go).

I agree, however, that it would have been nice to pit Kirk against a single recurring character one last time. But if there had been such a person, they probably would have appeared in the films long before TUC.
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