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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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There is an association of Babylon 5 with PTEN! PTEN was owned jointly by Chris-Craft and Warner Bros. Who started UPN? Chris-Craft and Paramount. That's where the connection is; at the station level, not the studio level.
Trying to simply be argumentative? I said that much.
Just making it clear that PTEN existed as an entity as well. Stations that had PTEN shows had to take all of them; they didn't pick and choose which ones they wanted like other syndication packages. (Of course, they could just throw them into the 3:00 AM death slot if they wanted). Some of the PTEN stations that switched to UPN also gave up the PTEN shows and other independent stations picked them up. In some cases, the stations kept both. Also, the department that formed the WB network was actually a separate division of the Time/Warner behemoth than the one that formed PTEN.
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