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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

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This was definitely one of the very best cartoons from my childhood, rivaling Batman:TAS.

Heck, I'd say one of the very best period.
We are totally twins.

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Although, of course, Gargoyles's version of Macbeth was far more historically accurate than Shakespeare's. (The king at the time, James I, was believed to be a descendant of Banquo, so Macbeth had to be written as a villain. It may be that Shakespeare's own sources for the play were themselves distorted and propagandistic in their portrayal of Macbeth, since history is written by the victors and Macbeth lost.) Most of the human monarchs and nobles who appear in the historical flashbacks in the show were real people, aside from the Castle Wyvern characters.
As somebody who's probably descended from Duncan, I've kinda always preferred Shakespeare's take...
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