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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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The "feel" of the TNG movies was too different from the TV shows

I don't like it when things are different.
Mr. Plinkett TNG film reviews FTW! (Except Generations, which rocks!)

I quite like Generations. First Contact is a terrific movie, but ultimately does more harm to the canon (the unnecessary Borg Queen, Borg being able to time travel with ease) than good. I like the Riker-Troi marriage. And I don't think any of the movies dishonor All Good Things, as Picard seems chummier with the crew than on the show.

That said, as the other thread has noted, the Dominion War was pretty much a No-Win Scenario for the TNG movies: ignoring it is awkward, working with it would be really tough and awkward.

In hindsight, the crew should have split up. Maybe the post-Generations sequel should have been about Captain Riker moving to a new ship, or doing a war-related mission with Data and LaForge, with Picard putting in a M-like cameo, since the Enterprise is considered too valuable to wartime morale to endanger. Post-war, I'd also have liked to see a solo Picard movie, either retiring from being a captain or taking an extended sabbatical, and grappling with what sort of personal life awaits him without a family. I really liked the spark between him and Commander Donatra. If they'd met in peacetime, would he have pursued her instead of Bev?

"Open ROWR frequencies."

Also, it'd have been nice to see something of the UFP besides the cramped and cheap sets of Starfleet vessels. The TOS movies enlarged our view of the society; the TNG movies narrowed it.

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