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Re: Worf seems to retake his post a little too easily.

And the sad thing is, this doesn't represent an improvement for the Enterprise.

In both ST:FC and ST:INS, Worf does okay, despite his guest status. Yet in ST:NEM, where he once again seems to hold a permanent post, Worf seems awfully lax or inefficient in his duties: first being scared of B-4, then failing to hit the local barn doors with his fancy vehicle defense cannon, and finally leaving all the important shipboard fighting to Riker and Picard.

One would really expect more of a main credits hero... I mean, it can be good drama to have a main hero outdo an extra in a job that really is the extra's. But Worf fails to actually upstage Daniels in terms of professional performance, and then simply fails when there's no Daniels to compare against.

Timo Saloniemi
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