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Re: Anger or Sadness

My 5 Favourite RAGE Moments (in no specific order)
1. Worf going ballistic in Vic's in DS9's "Image In The Sand"
2. Picard's defiance in First Contact.
3. Odo destroying his quarters in "Crossfire"
4. Data throttling a Borg in "Descent"
5. Gul Dukat's EPIC 'I hate Bajorans' monologue in "Waltz"

My 5 Favourite Sad Moments (in no specific order)
1. Picard in "Sarek"
2. Picard in Generations
3. Picard breaking down in front of his brother in "Family"
4. Jadzia's death scene in "Tears Of The Prophets"
5. The death of The Doctor's holographic daughter in "Real Life"

Some honourable mentions: Garak upsetting Ezri in "Afterimage", and most of "The Visitor".
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