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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

What I never understood about Nemesis was why, when B4 was discovered, they all acted so surprised that there was another android like Data. Did they all just have their memories wiped in regards to Lore?

Perhaps it was explained somewhere other than the movie, but I just never understood that, strictly in the sense of the movie itself.

Anyone know anything about this?

And while I enjoyed INS I think there were elements that really did start to kill the chances for multiple future TNG movies. While there was some action, it just did't have a traditional Star Trek feel to it for me. I cared so little about the people on the planet that watching the movie more than once took great effort.

And was it in INS where Worf said to Picard, "If you were any other man I'd kill you where you stand"

Maybe its my distaste of all things Klingon but that line always bothered me...its insubordination! Sure Picard egged him on by calling Worg a coward, but Worf should have been the BETTER man and resisted the instinct to go off on his superior officer like that. Maybe its just my Army mind, but that always bothered me more than it should have for being one line in a movie.

Okay, I kind of rambled. Sorry.
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