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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 73: Where the corridors have no name...

Quark: "Uhh... Gentlemen. That's not how we use straws."

Worf: "Jadzia. That is not a touchscreen."
Jadzia: "Well, Worf, at least it provides me more tactile stimulation than you do."

Quark: "The bar's internet has been down for hours, Chief. When are you going to have it fixed?"
O'Brien: "It's not as easy as you think, Quark. It's not a big freighter; it's a series of tubes."
(looks distracted)
O'Brien: "I think I have the red tubes and blue tubes crossed..."

Little does Kira know Odo has spotted her ruse- she's a Bluegill (the aliens from "Conspiracy").

(sorry, forgot to leave a little blank space at the bottom for the next entry)
Odo's sex tape proves to be a bigger hit than the Kardashian or Paris hilton sex tape. Dax seems the least surprised though...

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