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Yeah, I read the description and it says they're using actual "quantum blue box" AIs released under special council dispensation. Either way they're not going to be as powerful as EDI as she never exists entierly in the synthetic body, which is itself more or less a remotely operated platform.

I don't have a problem with it per se, but it would be nice if it was in some way addressed in the SP narrative somewhere. Even if it's just a news bulletin. Same goes for the return of the Collectors. I mean did we not wipe them out? Were there other ships out there in the galaxy when we hit their base? How many did they even have? We know two were destroyed around the same time, so there must have at least been a third. Plus of course according the the Awakened Collector description they're mostly dead now because of the how are they still an enemy? Not sure I like the idea of them as independently thinking awakened protheans though. I mean what kind of mind of it's own could a creature like they still have? It's the product of centuries of genetic and cyber-engineering plus 50,000 years of cloned generations. They should just be puppets of Leviathan instead of Harbinger.

Anyway, I am having fun with the new infiltrator. The repair mode is a lifesaver! The Geth Jugg is fun too. I mean how can you not like being able to get point blank with an Atlas and rip it apart?

Not really liking the Talon Merc, but they may be because I didn't spec it right. Still waiting to unlock the female Turian and the new Krogan, which were the two I was mostly interested in. Typical.
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