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Re: Is there any Sci-Fi in Star Trek?

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This raises the question: did they ever do a movie about Capt. Kirk and his crew's adventures in the Star Trek universe? And if you were a film director in the 23rd century, which Enterprise mission would you choose as a basis?

And more importantly... which actor would play the actor who would play Capt. Kirk?
The first story idea coming to my mind is "The Doomsday-Machine". Watch two brave starship commanders fight a planet killer that threatens all of us and see how one sacrifices his life in the line of duty that eventually saves us all. Politically correct as no intelligent alien life is harmed during the story.

I presume the actor playing Captain Kirk would be Pavel Chekov. In ST VII he didn't seem to have a starfleet assignment (Scotty is too old) and could boast that he knews Captain Kirk better than other actors.

During the re-enactement of the story, Chekov could probably apply many anecdotes of Russia (e.g. "an explosion twice the power of the Tsar H bomb test could destroy the planet killer").

Help me out here, please: I vaguely remember a scene where Chekov snaps out of unconsciousness and states his rank as "Admiral" with a grin on his face. Yep, I think he'd qualify.

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