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I ordered something from David Panzer's Highlander merchandizing company and as the shipment was very much delayed I decided to call their office. The answering machine asked me not to lose my head. I have to admit that in spite of being angry it made me giggle. It's so rare that business companies have a sense of humour.

My colleagues still tease me about a typo I made 10 years ago. I had intended to permit the building of a big carp pond - Karpfenteich in my language.
Due to an unfortunate typo it became a Krapfenteich, a donut-pond.
I only noticed the typo when the pond owner called me the next day to thank me for the speedy permit and to inquire how to dispose of the hot suet in an environmentally friendly way.
Most embarassing! I sent him a typo-free permit, of course, but I'm told he framed the other one and hung it up in his living room.
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