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Re: What is the biggest reason that you read Trek novels/stories?

I love the depth and scope that the novels add to Trek. The Trek universe is probably the biggest and richest fictional universe out there. Including the novels, it literally goes on forever. The story of the Vulcan/Romulan split? What was Surak like? The very first mission of the as-yet-unnamed USS Enterprise under Captain April and George Kirk? What happened to Shelby, Selar, Robin Lefler and many other one-shot characters after they appeared on the show? A look inside the Deparment of Temporal Investigations? What everyone's days as a cadet were like? Captain Pike's life story? Saavik's? Picard's? The origins of the Borg? What's that Andorian four-gender thing about? Picard's years as captain of the Stargazer? Glimpses into myriad parallel universes, with differences from the minor (what if Starfleet did take Lal from Data?) to the extreme (if planet Vulcan never found peace?) And possibly most relevant of all, what happened to the main characters and what happened in the Trek universe after Next Gen, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprse ended?

So much Trek, so many wonderful enjoyable stories. Not every book is a classic - I'd say the hit/miss ratio is about the same as that of the episodes. But they are hugely entertaining overall. The best novels are some of the very best Trek ever.

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Oh, I know, elsewhere. Are there any particularly notorious threads about Abrahms hate I should look at.
Just start a new thread in the XI+ forum and rant away - but I should warn you, most people there are big fans of both the old and new incarnations of Star Trek. You'll probably have every point you make dissected
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