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Re: Is there any Sci-Fi in Star Trek?

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Starfleet: Hey! Let's go to space!
Starfleet crew: Space is boring. Hey! Let's go to the holodeck and recreate stuff that happened centuries ago!

Well, it depends on how you convey a sense of wonder and interest to explore to the next generation.

Maybe, I'm too pessimistic but after a certain amount of interstellar discoveries the whole exploration idea might become repetitive and boring.

While the depths of our oceans are still undiscovered countries, I don't see that much public interest in deep sea exploration after the bulk of our planet's lands have been abundantly charted and explored.

As we've seen with Picard in TNG he really likes to solve riddles (e.g. Dixon Hill) and probably to form theories based on conclusions, hence his unwavering interest in archaeology which usually is to large extents an "undiscovered country", too.

It really depends on which kind of exploration you personally prefer the most and what kind of exploration scenarios our society feels should be offered or popularized the most.

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