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I'll make cupcakes. To throw.
LOL a foodfight thread would be cool, too! I didn't have one in years!!
*starts assembling her trusty cooking ladle catapult*

It's nice to see so many questions asked here. That's precisely what I had in mind: a discussion about the pros and cons.

I was thinking of a competition between the lounges that really takes place in the lounges. My idea was to ask the lounge mods to be our referees as they have access to all the lounges.

Having a competition in Misc would surely work just as well, but I am aiming at reviving the lounges which atm hover between hibernation and coma.

As for the games, there are quite a lot of possibilities. All kinds of word games should work nicely: word association, trek-me-this, the alphabet game, 2-word-story or even hangman (but for that we'd have to have one or two posters per lounge who know the solutions and post the right and wrong guesses. It'd be too much work for the Mods to do that themselves in half a dozen lounges simultaneousely. We'd have to make sure the "repliers" in each lounge are trustworthy and won't leak out the solutions to their peers).

I'm sure you can think of a lot of other things we could play.

*steps aside from the catapult and pulls the trigger*
I trust you like a bowl of whipped cream with those cupcakes, teacake ?

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