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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 73: Where the corridors have no name...


First: I don't always stop at Quark's, but when I do, it's to taunt the Ferengi by just sitting here, not ordering anything.

Dax: Damn it! Ln X didn't pick any of my captions, again!

Quark: Do you mind repeating that without all the technobabble?

O'Brien: Fine. The thingie that makes the other thingie work broke.

Odo: *to himself* Sensual massage! I am so in with Nerys!

Kira: Oh Odo, that feels great, it's so nice to have a friend like you.

Odo: *to himself* Damn it!

Dax: And that concludes my briefing on the astrophysics of the worm...damn it Benjamin, are you falling asleep during my debriefing, again?
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