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Re: A Good Day to Die Hard (aka DH5): Grade, Review, Discuss---SPOILER

Finally saw this last night. It isn't a good Die Hard film, and I'm not even sure it's a good action film.

The bad:

The setting. Seriously they filmed this in Moscow and (supposedly) Chernobyl, yet neither place feels remotely real, we never get a feel for Moscow, a city with wonderful architecture and a very different way of life. For a Die Hard film it's unforgivable not to play up the 'fish out of water' elements of having John McClane in another country dealing with another culture. Even the cab driver speaks/sings English, and where are the Russian cops? Really you could have set this film anywhere. In Vengence New York was a character in itself. As for Chernobyle, I felt like they were just on a set and again you didn't get a feel for what the place looked like cos it was night (also I like that it takes 5 minutes to drive there from Moscow apparently...)

Jai Courteny. Charisma vacuum. If they have to do a 6th I hope they bring Lucy back because she dominated the screen more in 2 minutes than he did in 90+

Overly convoluted plans. Seriously as contrived as Silva's plan is in Skyfall it pales in comparison to Komorov's(?) five years in prison plan, or in fact the CIA's dumbest plans ever#125, so Jack goes and shoots a guy, so he can be arrested and then end up in court next to Komorov? WTF?

The direction. The car chase was atrocious, I almost had to look away at times because it was giving me motion sickness, and it was a mess. See the aformentioned comments regarding how flatly Moscow and Chernobyl were filmed, plus the ridiculous lingering camerawork. How long do you have to stare at Jack's boot gun/knife before you realise IT'S IMPORTANT! (several minutes apparently)

The bad guys. No charisma, Komorov and his daughter were vaguely interesting, but generic to a fault and dancing guy...with a carrot?

John and Jack as Terminators..., the entire notion that made the first one so great is that Mcclane isn't an invulnerable superman. I can appreciate that he's older and more experienced but still...

On the plus side I thought Willis was great, considering I'd heard he looked bored throughout the film I was pleasantly surprised, I only hope he gets to make one more decent Die Hard film before he hangs up his Beretta. In fairness this wasn't as awful as I'd expected it to be, and frankly I haven't seen the 4th one in ages, but at the moment this is the worst of the five for me.
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