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God is LOVE. God loves all of His creations......I personally am not a fan of abortion, but I won't go picketing. I myself wouldn't abort a baby if I got pregnant, but I won't condemn women who do because they're probably in a bad place in life and they need LOVE and understanding, not hate and rejection.
But you contradict yourself. Rejecting (as in condemning) a person who does something someone might find immoral is wrong because they need "love and understanding", but rejecting (as in, denying all responsibility for and actively killing) the developing baby is somehow okay? Why are we allowed to reject the foetus? I thought we were to love all of God's creations? The developing baby isn't one of God's creations, then? If it is contradictory for a person of God to hate homosexuals, because, as you argue, this violates the concept of all God's creations deserving love, is it not contradictory for a person of God to condone the destruction of, and deny all empathy or care for, one of God's creations, as you do here?

I'm genuinely curious; how do you reconcile this illogic?
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