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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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There is an association of Babylon 5 with PTEN! PTEN was owned jointly by Chris-Craft and Warner Bros. Who started UPN? Chris-Craft and Paramount. That's where the connection is; at the station level, not the studio level.
Trying to simply be argumentative? I said that much. I meant there was no association between B5 and UPN or WB when it came to what station it aired on. A bunch of people for years and years have mistakenly assumed when a syndicated or PTEN show aired on UPN or WB in their market, that meant it was a UPN or WB show or think when UPN or WB came about, they picked up B5.

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Yes, because UPN didn't have a full schedule at the time.
Ummmm.... My UPN affiliate was a PTEN affiliate. I was using that point to illustrate B5 didn't necessarily air on WB affiliates. They remained with the former PTEN affiliate, whoever they were. UPN & WB took a couple of seasons to fill Mon-Fri. Even if they did have a full schedule, it would have simply bumped Babylon 5 to a weekend timeslot as most syndicated series (e.g. DS9, Hercules, Xena, Earth: Final Conflict) usually aired in.
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