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I think this was one of Season 6's best episodes. Gotta love the weird guards with their huge metal cylinder helmets. Definately some of the strangest generic soldiers/troopers/security we've seen (though the Mokra looked like evil bikers from a post-apocalyptic yet advanced future and the Ilari guards looked weird too). The plot was interesting, as was the setting (Bronze Age world). Ever notice Torres had a sadistic streak? She's only willing to talk if he risks his life violating his lord's game reserve to get some dilithium and then coerces him to go into debt to get her some gold. She played some Sisko-level hardball there. Gotta love that Master Bratac dropped in too.

If you see one Star Trek episode titled 'Muse', make this it (seriously, DS9's "The Muse" is horrible). It seems to be one of the most overlooked/underrated episodes in Season 6. "Riddles" is also quite good (best Tuvok/Neelix episode and one of the few times Neelix actually shines. And he lays on one hell of a guilt trip too).
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